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NIssa - New Planeswalker

Berlin, Germany is the second stop in the 2008 Pro Tour season. During a piece of event coverage, we were provided with some spoilers of the new Duels of the Planeswalkers, to be released for XBox Live Arcade.

Adam Radstock, of Stainless games gave Brian David-Marshall a quick spin on the new game and also revealed a new Planeswalker in a tour of the game. The new Planewalker is Nissa Revane, and can clearly be seen as a choice in this video HERE.

Also, we have word of of a new MTG novel to be released on May 5, 2009. The title is 'Alara Unbroken', and is authored by Doug Beyer.

If I had to speculate (which this blog is all about), I would hazard a guess that this novel is just a 'one-off' sort of publication and meant only to be something of a companion tome to the 'Planewalker's Guide' to [fill in the blank]. I should think that from the title, we are given a glimpse as to what the plane of Alara may have looked like before (Nicol Bolas?) tore it apart. I am rather meh about the cover artwork and almost half-expect that this may change before its release.

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