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Unstoppable Christmas

~Sorry . . . nothing really to see here - just a random post.
As Christmas is now descending upon me with full trample, I paused to remember that I did not get you, the loyal Blog Reader a Christmas card yet . . . not to worry - Here it is.

You may realise from this modified piece of art that Treefolk are not particularly fond of Christmas and especially Goblins bearing tree ornaments . . .
Card Name: Unstoppable Ash
Mana Cost: 3Green
Creature — Treefolk Warrior, 5/5
Expansion: Morningtide (Rare) Morningtide
Artist: Brian Snoddy

Also - just another plug for the upcoming Wizards Novel . . . Interested to see if Jace, Liliana and Tezzeret will play well together.

The next exciting new venture is Agents of Artifice, a novel by Ari Marmell that represents the first of a new series of "planeswalker novels." Agents of Artifice details the rise of Jace Beleren from promising young mage-prodigy to world-hopping planeswalker. Jace can wield the power of his mind like a weapon, but quickly finds that his powers get him embroiled in schemes that surpass everything he knows. The book also features the black-aligned planeswalker Liliana Vess and the artificer-planeswalker (and Esper native!) Tezzeret. And the events in the novel not only tie in with the plot surrounding Alara's shards, but also the fate of other planes you know from Magic's past and locales that we won't visit for years to come. It is truly a planeswalker novel—character-driven, and not tied to any one setting. And it's an excellent kickoff to a new tradition in Magic: The Gathering books. Agents of Artifice releases February 2009 in bookstores and many gaming shops everywhere.

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