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MTG - Puzzle and Dragons

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Puzzle & Dragons ( パズル&ドラゴンズ  ) is a puzzle video game with role-playing and strategy elements, developed by GungHo Online Entertainment for the iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire platforms.  This game is popular in Japan and is now making headway here in North America.  The game involves players moving / matching colored orgs in a grid which 'casts' a monster to do battle.  The popularity is that designers had developed numerous themes.  

Why are we talking about Puzzle & Dragons here on MTG Realm ? Glad you asked.  the publisher Gunhho had revealed a coming soon collaboration with Wizards of the Coast.  From the website, it appears that this game will feature evil Planeswalker Nicol Bolas, Chandra Nalaar, and the Weatherlight vehicle, all in a possible anime iterations of these characters.

Here are some screen shots now . .

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