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M19 Leak

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Something rather odd had happened on or about Saturday May 5 (yes,  Cinco de Mayo) - Magic: the Gathering fan, @MoxMoonstone had cracked several Dominaria booster packs and pulled some nice cards.  These cards however, were not from the Dominaria set, but from Core 2019 ('M19'), which is not expected to be released until July the 13th.  Quite specifically, 18 commons were pulled from his packs.  

This is not the first incident where there has been mismatched contents.  Some were quite decidedly created to whet the gaming community's appetite for an upcoming set, while other times, did indeed appear to be a packaging error.  In this case, it does feel like an issue at the printing and packaging facility.  There are a number of new rather decent looking cards along with some solid reprints.

Here are the pulls now -

• Act of Treason
• Anticipate
• Cancel
Daybreak Chaplain
• Disperse
Dwarven Priest
Goblin Instigator
Hostile Minotaur
• Inspired Charge
Knight's Pledge
Loxodon Line Breaker
• Mighty Leap
• Omenspeaker
Onakke Ogre
Scholar of Stars
• Sure Strike
• Tormenting Voice


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