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Dominaria Theme Booster Packs

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Here at the MTG Realm playgroup, all of our Dominaria pre-orders are in, and everyone is now physically going over all the new Magic: the Gathering cards for their Commander or standard decks.  By and large, all the decklists are remaining the same since before the release of Dominaria with a few small, but efficient amendments (the strictly better argument).  Last Friday Night Magic event at our local store, OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario, our improved lists sleeved up with crisp Ultra PRO deck protectors, the games went well and will get better with tuning.

Speaking of our local gaming store, a new Magic: the Gathering product from Wizards of the Coast NOT expected to be seen on the shelf is a new Dominaria Theme Booster.  What on earth is a Theme Booster ?  Let's find out.

We would suggest you check out Gavin's article today on the mothersite (linked right here).  Essentially, Dominaria Theme Booster, available in each of the five colours (White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green) have been rolled out to approximately 300 Walmart retail locations within North America.  Each of these theme boosters contain 36 cards with cards within that colour (artifact / colourless cards may be included) broken down to one rare or mythic rare, and a variable number of uncommons and commons.  

The indication from Gavin's article today is that there may be a degree of theme shown with a level of synergy shared with the cards.  Gavin writes "For example, in the white theme booster, if you open Danitha Capashen, Paragon, you will also open Auras and Equipment to go with her".

NEAT !  We love this idea as new players may be further encouraged into the game and provided a level of assistance with the themes suggested within these booster packs.  It is kind of like the old Intro Pack, but without the training wheels, in that one is allowed to explore a wider range of decklist construction.  Here is an image of all five -


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