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Magic Story - Hour of Revelation

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

At long last - the much anticipated first story for in Hour of Devastation, in the Amonkhet block is posted today.  Today's story on the Magic: the Gathering website is titled 'The Hour of Revelation' and is written by Alison Luhrs, who we've developed quite an appreciation for, in her latest MTG fictions.  Also posted with today's story are several lovely pieces of art, which are likely to be found in the upcoming Hour of Devastation set.

We suggest you do pop on over to read today's Magic Story (linked here), and come on back to read our notes.

Art by Raymond Swanland - Most likely that of the Gate to the Afterlife opening

The story opens with the Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas on the Plane of Amonkhet.  This is at a time in past, many years before the formation of the Gatewatch and their travel to this Plane.  This occurs quite specifically, at a time shortly after the 'Mending'.  To those new to the lore and fiction of Magic: the Gathering, this refers to the event of when Jeska, an Otarian barbarian, who had discharged her planeswalker essence over the 'rift', or echoing fissures throughout the multiverse and closed these.  Before this mending, Planeswalkers were immortal with god-like power.  After this mending, Nicol Bolas was rapidly losing his (magical) strength, and needed to act quickly and decisively to put a plan in motion, which we are led to beleive may sustain him.

The invasion and subjugation of Amonkhet was brutal and swift.  The dragon is nearly omnipotent at this time and easily acquires the Naktamun.  The meagre and ineffective resistance the eight gods puts up does not slow Nicol Bolas, who "took three of the gods for his own. He stowed them away as one would tools in a cupboard. Their time would come soon enough."  The gods, who loved and protected the people of Naktamun fell and were (later) twisted.

Art by Jaime Jones - Most likely that of the demon Razaketh

In the earlier Amonkhet story 'Servants', the readers come to learn that the demon Razaketh is well aware of the arrival of Liliana in the city.  Razaketh was one of the four demons who made a pact with Liliana Vess following the Mending.  This demon is rumoured to guard the Gate of the Afterlife - "Beyond the gate, Razaketh. Beyond Razaketh, paradise." Razaketh makes an appearence in today's story in present day Naktamun, at let's just say it is biblical.  Quite specifically, Exodus Chapter 7, verse 20 kinda biblical.  The story closes out with the demon issuing a challenge to Liliana.

Art by Slawomir Maniak - Most likely that of the demon Razaketh 

We are most definitely looking forward to what happens next.  Kudos to Alison Luhrs for delivering yet another excellent story.

Art by Cliff Childs showing the river Luxa turning blood red.

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