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Hour of Devastation Basic Lands

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Archenemy: Nicol Bolas, to be released next weekend (!), This product contains themes from Amonkhet, with some focus on the the confrontation between the Gatewatch and higly misunderstood Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas in the upcoming set, Hour of Devastation.

This Archenemy set had been uploaded to the Magic: the Gathering card database ‘Gatherer’ recently, and has some rather interesting basic land arts from Christine Choi.  

It is very likely that these basic land arts from Archenemy: Nicol Bolas are to be reused for Hour of Devastation.  In version 1 of each of the above card arts above, we can see that the sun is almost aligned with the iconic Bolas horns, while version 2 presents an image of devastation.  Any art containing a view of the Luxa river has in the second version also turned blood red, just as with the case in yesterday’s Hour of Devastation story.


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