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Hour of Devastation Spoilers 6-20

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

MOAR Magic: the Gathering previews on tap again today.  Here is the latest batch of Hour of Devastation previews delivered hot 'n' fresh from the interwebs to your machine.  If you are thinking of building a cat tribal decklist, there is something of interest for you today.

Crook of Comdemnation - 2-drop uncommon artifact with two abilities. Pay one and tap to exile a card in a graveyard, or pay one to exile the Crook and all cards from all graveyards.  Perfect to nerf graveyard shenanigans and a lot of Zombie (Embalm / Eternalize ) builds.

Fraying Sanity - 3-drop blue enchantment, kinda meh unless you have a specifically themed decklist to mill your opponent's library.

Mirage Mirror - 3 drop artifact. Pay 2 to have this become a copy of a target artifact, creature, enchantment or land until EOT.

Neheb, the Eternal - 3RR legendary 4/6 zombie minotaur warrior with Afflict 3. Great with a list that has burn as the other ability on Neheb produces delicious red mana for more burn.  

Pride Sovereign - Grenn Kitteh !  2G for a 2/2 rare cat, which gets a +1/+1 pump for each other cat you control.  W/Tap and exert to produce a litter of 2 1/1 kittys with lifelink.

Ramunap Hydra - 3/3 rare snake hydra with vigilence, reach, trample.  Gets a +1/+1 pump if you have a deset and another pump if a desert is in your graveyard.

Scavenger Grounds - Rare land with desert subtype, adds colourless, and nerfs graveyards.

Solemnity - 3-drop white enchantment demands no counters on anything.

Swarm Intelligence - big cost 7 blue enchantment to re-fire instants / sorceries a second time.  Not that good in a lot of formats.

The Locust God - 4UR legendary god.  Flying. Generates a 1/1 U/R insect token with flying / haste with every card you draw.  2UR gives you a draw / discard (loot).  Bomerangs back to your hand after this dies.  All on a 4/4 body.


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