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MTG Tumblr Friday

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, many Magic: the Gathering players will be making tracks to their local gaming store to participate in a Friday Night Magic event.  We'll be heading out to our local shop, OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario where both Standard and Commander are on tap.  

With the latest MTG set, Shadows Over Innistrad, now on tap, one can expect a lot of fresh new ideas for decklists in play.  A reminder as well as this month's FNM promo is the very lovely looking Blighted Fen with alternate artwork from Jason Felix.  We still have not yet put together a new list yet for Standard and expect to do some crazy building right after school today.  

Anywhoos, here is a round-up of MTG gaming miscellany borrowed from our sister site, MTG Realm on Tumblr -
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Magic: the Gathering - Ultra PRO for SOI

Have you seen just how awesome the Ultra PRO goodies look for Shadows Over Innistrad ?  Here’s some gamer eye-candy.  :)
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Magic: the Gathering - Power Rankings
I’m a fan of the nice summary that the Channel Fireball produces in their Power Rankings - you can catch these over here -
Anywhoos - Week One after Shadows Over Innistrad and the the standard constructed power rankings are quite decidedly in the suit of White.  :)
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Magic: the Gathering - MTG Jewelry
Zsolt Székely, goldsmith and fellow Canadian (in fact, right here in my Province of Ontario), runs Precizió - Jewellery and Studio in Thorold and has some amazing pieces.

Drop by to check out some lovely works from just about any Fandom you can imagine including something themed from your fav digital game (think Deadpool to Zelda) -
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Magic: the Gathering - Open that Armory
Artist Steve Prescot knocks this illustration right outta the park.

In other news, dude’s armory looks to be chock’d full ‘o’ badassery.

This Shadows Over Innistrad card did catch my attention as soon as it was previewed - sooo many possibilities - a red/white equip build, or a lovely tutor for Invocation of Saint Traft in a blue/white humans or spirits list - just tasty.

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