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Halloween 2016

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

An interesting tweet from Magic: the Gathering's rules guru Matt Tabak had us looking closer at a teaser video posted by Lone Shark Games.  Although we do not think that this is likely to be an MTG product, we will want to blog about it just the same.

UPDATE :  confirmed Betrayal at the House on the Hill: Widow's Walk Expansion Teaser

This rather mysterious video was posted with the title of 'Project Riboflavin' with an indication to expect something for Halloween 2016.  It is simply a static image of a demon / witch / unknown supposedly malevolent character looming over a rather spooky looking mansion.  The video wraps up with well known logos from Avalon Hill, Lone Shark Games, and Wizards of the Coast.

Certainly not an indication of a MTG expansion but some were thinking about perhaps a one-off supplement product.  The most popular speculation at this time is that this is a reboot, or follow-up from the board game, 'Betrayal at House on the Hill'.  There may be a clue in the name 'project riboflavin', commonly known as vitamin B2 - rather clever eh, - Betrayal 2?

This board game was published by Avalon Hill and has players exploring a haunted house filled with all sorts of traps, clues, and other items.  This game uses tiles and as such, one can expect a new twist every time it is played.

Whatever this may turn out to be, colour us as excited to play.   

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