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MTG Tumblr Thursday

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

It was probably the first Innistrad block (Innistrad, Dark Ascension, and Avacyn Restored) when we last played a truly mono-white decklist and not splashed any other colour.  The Standard constructed game looks great to have another run at a mono-white build with humans.  We are still contemplating scrapping together a list and have been spinning our wheels as to what to take to Friday Night Magic - mono-white humans or splashing blue (for Reflector Mage / Gerry Thompson style) or green for Tireless Tracker.  A wonderfully useful article out today by Steve Horton over at Gathering Magic, may just help solve our decklist dilemma.

Anywhoos, as our topic in today's MTG Realm post is 'Tumblr Thursday', we should get around to it now.  Here is a summary of what's been going on at our sister site, MTG Realm on Tumblr -
Photoset April 21, 2016 

Magic: the Gathering - Of Crows and Ravens
There are just under 40 Bird creature cards in MTG which are specifically Crows (by far the most) or Ravens.  I personally loved being able to attach equipment to these evasive fliers.  Here is some appreciation for these feathered friends -

• Unamed Art (aka Raven Man) by Chris Rahn
• Crow of Dark Tidings, Art by Tianhua X
• Carrion Crow, Art by Aaron Miller
• Unamed Art by Adame Minguez

The Raven Man is a mysterious figure, who claimed to be a supporter of the father of Liliana Vess. He is able to transform in a flock of ravens.

When Liliana’s brother Josu was poisoned by her father’s enemies, the Raven Man offered his assistance, though he warned that her family would not want her to use his cure. LIliana returned to the castle and despite the warnings of Lady Ana, she used the cure. Truly, it cured Josu of his affliction, but only at the cost of driving him insane and poisoning him anew.

The Raven Man also seemingly orchestrated Liliana’s discovery of the Chain Veil on Shandalar. Because he appeared on several planes, Liliana suspects he is a planeswalker.

When Jace Beleren, under the influence of the Cryptoliths on Innistrad, tried to mentally assault Liliana in her mansion, the Raven Man protected her and tried to convince her to kill him.
Photo April 21, 2016

Magic: the Gathering - LAND SLIDEMischievous mutt Bannon (@bannon_the_mut) wants to help but is hindered by the absence of opposable digits.
Magic: the Gathering - LAND SLIDE

Mischievous mutt Bannon (@bannon_the_mut) wants to help but is hindered by the absence of opposable digits.
Photoset April 20, 2016 

Magic: the Gathering - Shadows Over Innistrad Ultra PRO
Sweet looking playmat, deck box and deck protectors from Ultra PRO with Merciless Resolve art from Chase Stone.
Cushioned playmat is 23 7/8" x 13 ½" with awesome grippy back and silky / sensuous smooth face.
Deck Box fits your kick-butt deck of 80 sleeved cards (cards, sideboard, tokens), has a self-lock flip-back lid and a write-on stripe on top to put your street-name handle on.
Deck Protector Sleeves and standard 66-mm x 91-mm with super-crisp artwork and crystal-clear card front.

Full storyline over here

Upon his return from Zendikar, Sorin found Markov Manor in ruins, twisted into impossible shapes, its inhabitants embedded in the masonry. Nahiri had left this declaration in stone as a warning of her vengeance. Realising his past had come back to haunt him, he hoped to gather the aid of the other vampires to confront the threat to Innistrad. A diificult task, because he was shunned by his own kind. His search brought him to the remote estate of the powerful Olivia Voldaren, to entreat her aid in calling the bloodline.

Photoset April 18, 2016 225 notes

Magic: The Gathering - Custom Wooden 720 Cube Box
Magic: The Gathering custom designed and fabricated wooden 720 cube box by MTGPayne. Laser engraved guild logos, gold leaf interior, custom mana dividers and sections to hold cards, tokens and dice.


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