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New Standard Metagame

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We've completely missed posting last week and even missed the Shadows Over Innistrad PreRelease Event at OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario as we were under the weather.  Sad Panda.  Do not fret however as we are certainly back in the seat this week.  As is custom here at MTG Realm, we were able to get off an unboxing video of a Shadows Over Innistrad Fat Pack, and WOW, we had some decent pulls.  Look for that short video on YouTube over here.

Anywhoos, we want to yatter about the brand new world that is standard format.  Whereas we feel that the last block, Battle for Zendikar may have had a bigger splash for Modern players (corrected with the recent banning of Eye of Ugin), this new set, Shadows Over Innistrad, has indeed made a big impact on standard format.  Let's have a brief overview of just how Magic: the Gathering players took this new set to task with the first large event after release - Standard Open Baltimore.

Day Two metagame from 134 players
W/U Humans – 23
W/B Midrange – 15
Bant Company – 13
G/R Eldrazi – 11
W/B Eldrazi – 10
Esper Dragons – 7
W/G Humans – 7
R/W Eldrazi – 6
G/W Tokens – 5
Mono-Red Eldrazi – 4

The Top 16 decks -
Place / Deck / Player
1st Bant Company Jim Davis
2nd Mono-White Humans Kellen Pastore
3rd W/B Eldrazi Eric Hymel
4th U/R Control Todd Anderson
5th W/B Midrange Blake Conti
6th W/U Humans Collin Stiles
7th W/U Humans Christopher Juliano
8th W/G Humans Dwayne Graham
9th W/U Humans Brennan DeCandio
10th Bant Company Kevin Jones
11th Bant Company Dan Jessup
12th W/G Humans Jacob Hagen
13th W/B Eldrazi Michael Majors
14th W/U Humans Emma Handy
15th Esper Dragons Ali Aintrazi
16th Mono-Red Eldrazi Mat Bimonte

Top Cards / Card / Copies / Decks
1 Declaration in Stone 145 67.19%
2 Knight of the White Orchid 119 46.88%
3 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar 113 56.25%
4 Archangel Avacyn 98 57.81%
5 Thraben Inspector 74 29.69%
6 Thought-Knot Seer 74 29.69%
7 Reflector Mage 72 28.12%
8 Thalia's Lieutenant 70 28.12%
9 Hangarback Walker 68 29.69%

10 Transgress the Mind 63 34.38%

We also suggest that you pop on over to Gathering Magic and get a fuller picture with Nick Vigabool's latest artilce on the 'Standard Snapshot', post Shadows Over Innistrad.


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