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Eternal Masters

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Some news from the mothersite today.  We head rumours and whispers of this a little while ago on the Magic: the Gathering fan forums but very little other than there was to be no 'Modern Masters' product offering but rather a substitution of sorts.

Here at MTG Realm, we are not very much into draft or the eternal format but we can certainly declare our excitement about getting our paws on a few cards we hope may be included in this set for Commander.  The fan community is pretty damn hyped about it but is certainly tempered with the suggested retail price of ten clams a booster pack.  The local gaming stores will likely retail these bad boys for about double the MSRP, so brace yourselves for this very real possibility.  We imagine that cracking a pack of Eternal Masters would be not very different from opening a box of Christmas or a getting a basket of puppies.

Anywhoos, here is the 411 from WotC -

Draft Through Eternity

Take a step outside time with Eternal Masters. This exciting set lets you draw on some of the most sought-after cards from throughout the history of Magic—some with new artwork—to enhance your Cube or your favorite Commander, Vintage, and Legacy decks.

Eternal Masters is designed to be a unique and enjoyable Draft experience, much like Modern Masters. It will not contain cards from the Reserved List, but it will feature many exciting Eternal staples, including:

Set Name : Eternal Masters
Number of Cards :249
Release Date : June 10, 2016
Official Three–Letter Code : EMA
Twitter Hashtag : #MTGEMA
MSRP : $9.99

Initial Concept and Game Design :Tom LaPille (lead),Ethan Fleischer,Aaron Forsythe,Bryan Hawley

Final Game Design and Development : Adam Prosak (lead),Sam Stoddard,Bryan Hawley

Magic Online information : Eternal Masters will be releasing on Magic Online June 17 and will be available until July 6. The digital MSRP will be $6.99. It will not be available for redemption.


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