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SOI Spoiler 2-25

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

There is yet another ('unofficial') spoiler we should talk about today.  Wizards must be getting miffed with these - anywhoos, this one is from the upcoming and greatly anticipated Shadows Over Innistrad, which is to be released in early April 2016. This image, courtesy of an anonymous /b/-boarder from 4Chan appears to be an oversized card somewhere in the supply / shipping train.  Sorry Trick, here's our non-journalism . .

Clip Wings, 1G
Instant, Common
Each opponent sacrifices a creature with flying.
It is a grim duty to save the world from those created to protect it.
197/297, illustrated by Howard Lyon.

The Truck.

Read that flavour text ?  Damn !! What on earth (or rather the Plane of Innistrad) is happening here ?  Have the Angels gone mad ? Have they been turned somehow ?  Sooo many questions here.  Howard Lyon rocks again with this art showing what appears to us to be a Boros-coloured Angel of the order Flight of Goldnight, being surrounded / hunted down by a Cathar and a human hunter.

As for the card itself, all we will say that this common instant looks damn powerful.  You could have just sunk seven mana into an Emeria Sheppard or a Defiant Bloodlord which happens to be your ONLY flyer and then this guy shows up to the party.  Dang.  :)


Here is a quick tip for WotC investigators looking to identify the culprit who leaked this . . .

Look for a white guy who frequents 4Chan.

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