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Conspiracy Twist

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

You may recall the big announcement over on the mothersite just yesterday on the next Conspiracy set - 'Conspiracy: the Reign of Brago'.  We know that the Magic: the Gathering fan community is hyped as several thousand people popped over to the MTG Realm blog to read about the announcement along with our little storyline blurb about Brago.

Well, something rather interesting got posted this morning by Wizards - 
BREAKING NEWS: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Brago will not be making an appearance in our new Conspiracy set.

Rather interesting indeed - name a set called 'Reign of Brago' and then show us this.  Let's have a closer look - 

We all know from Sam and Dean from Supernatural just how difficult it can be to 'kill' a spirit.  We are also certain that the good folks in Paliano, on the Plane of Fiora do not possess knowledge to fabricate proton packs like the heroes from Ghostbusters.  So just what is happening here?  WotC will have to step up soon in the official Magic Story column and let us know soon.

Speaking of 'soon' - does anyone else other than us think today's Conspiracy teaser is waaaay too soon?  We suggest that Wizards may want to start this and may be better served after retailers have put up their pages for pre-order. 

While we are making suggestions to WotC, we suggest that there are players out there (we suspect a lot) who do appreciate the occasional 'non-standard-format' FNM promo, and in fact would likely even be pleased with more.  Today on the mothersite, we were treated to to the Friday Night Promo for May 2016 - Goblin Warchief - not legal for use in Standard and Modern formats, and we are OK with that. :)

March - Smash to Smithereens Promo, Art by Darek Zabrocki

April - Blighted Fen Promo, Art by Jason Felix

May - Goblin Warchief Promo, Art by Mark Zug


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Anonymous said...

Maybe the lady with the dagger is cutting him out of his armour, which may be how the Custodi are binding Brago to the corporeal realm?