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Zendikar Land Grab

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

The latest Magic: the Gathering set, Battle for Zendikar releases tomorrow at midnight here in North America with many local gaming stores (like our very own beloved OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario) staying open late to hit the street release date.  We'll be zipping on over to the store at midnight in order to avoid a (larger) crush of rabid gamers clearing out singles and sealed product.  As is our custom here at MTG Realm, we will have a Fat Pack unboxing - and this may be the one time where will will NOT complain about getting a 80-card land pack (over the earlier version of a 40-card land pack). 

Why?  Because of these beautiful beasts -
Full-Art Lands

We recall way back in 2009 with the release of the original Zendikar set, some stores were cracking Fat Packs just because of the demand for the full art lands.  In fact, we had purchased a 40-card land pack for $16 bucks, which was a great investment we think considering that just a few short years later single Zendikar full art lands were going for about $2 locally.  Speaking of Fat Packs, you may notice that the price for a Battle for Zendikar Fat Pack is going for anywhere between $50 to $60, which is not surprising at all as these contain that 80-card full-art land pack.

Is the jack in price still worth it?  Here is a quick run-down of what single full-art BFZ lands were selling for (at the time of this post) :
StarCity Games - 49 cents
Cool Stuff Inc - 45 cents
Card Kingdom - 49 cents
MTG Mint Card - 54 cents
And Face-to-Face Games here in Canada (Toronto / Montreal) - 65 cents.

One can expect to pay fairly close to about $40 for a Fat Pack and with that sweet full-art land pack in the back seat of your Fat Pack, it would have been another $40 were you to purchase all those full-arts as singles.

So, yeah . . . we won't be complaining (too much) for forking out a bit more to the retailer.


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