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Battle for Zendikar Mana

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Here at MTG Realm, we are brewing up a tuckload of casual and (semi)-competitive decklists for the the upcoming standard constructed format.  Where to start is a sometime tricky question unless Wizards is pushing a particular theme.  To this end, we usually start with lands - what mana-base is available to us, as this is the foundation upon which all else is built upon.  

Today's write-up we want to take a moment to yatter about the new rare dual-lands in Battle for Zendikar - which does not really have a nick-name yet granted by the Magic: the Gathering gaming community.  See this Reddit MTG TCG thread.

Tangoland is one of many proposed names for a cycle of allied color dual lands that will be introduced in Battle for Zendikar.

Other suggested names for this cycle include "latelands", "baselands", "laglands" and "battlelands"

Tangolands are noteworthy for being one of few dual land cycles with basic land types, along with the original Alpha dual lands and the shocklands.

They enter the battlefield tapped, unless their controller controls at least two basic lands. That ability leads to the name "tangoland", via the English idiom and truism "it takes two to tango".

Prairie Stream (W/U)
Sunken Hollow (U/B)
Smoldering Marsh (B/R)
Cinder Glade (R/G)
Canopy Vista (G/W)

The impact on standard is significant as the Khans of Tarkir fetchlands can look for them, as well as any other cards that allow you to search for these land types.

The Lands of Battle for Zendikar by Joel Larsson posted to MTG Mint Card has this to say - 

Two-color allied-color decks will have better mana than two-color enemy-colored decks.  This means that the White-Green, Blue-White, Blue-Black Black-Red and Red Green decks will have a lot better mana than the White-Black, Blue-Red, Black-Green, White-Red and Blue-Green decks, because they will have both the cycle of BFZ dual lands as well as the Khans of Tarkir fetchlands.

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