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Eldrazi Nibblers

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

The much-anticipated Battle for Zendikar prerelease events are coming to a local gaming store near you this weekend!  If you've just moved to a new town (students), be sure to check out the Wizards of the Coast Locator to find a store with a Magic: the Gathering event.  If you happen to find yourself in Central Ontario (north of Toronto, drop by OMG! Games in Barrie, near Georgian College and a short drive away from Canadian Forces Base Borden.

We suspect that at the prerelease events, you will be seeing a lot of Eldrazi Scions at the game table - afterall, there are about 15 or so cards which produce these cute (dangerous?) creature tokens.  This leads us into our post today - a quick summary of Eldrazi Scions - here are the token cards you may pull from your sealed pack ->

T 2/14: Colourless 1/1 Eldrazi Scion
T 3/14: Colourless 1/1 Eldrazi Scion
T 4/14: Colourless : 1/1 Eldrazi Scion
Produced by these Battle for Zendikar cards - Adverse Conditions, Blight Herder, Blisterpod, Brood Butcher, Brood Monitor, Call the Scions, Catacomb Sifter, Drowner of Hope, Eldrazi Skyspawner, Eyeless Watcher, From Beyond, Grave Birthing, Incubator Drone, Spawning Bed and Void Attendant.

Eldrazi Scions are very similar to Eldrazi Spawn, but are 1/1 instead of 0/1 - w00t! They're created by Eldrazi-themed spells in a variety of ways and all have the ability "Sacrifice this creature: Add one colourless mana to your mana pool."

From left: Eldrazi Spawn of the Ulamog, Emrakul, and Kozilek lineages.  Below a quick reference of cards creating Eldrazi Spawn and from an indication within the art or the card name, the particular Titan to which the spawn are related.  Spawn were great for chump blocking and ramping into a ginormous Eldrazi monster.

Emrakul: Emrakul's Hatcher, Nest Invader, Skittering Invasion

Kozilek: Corpsehatch, Dread Drone, Essence Feed, Kozilek's Predator, Rapacious One, Skittering Invasion, Spawning Breath, Skittering Invasion, 

Ulamog: Awakening Zone, Brood Birthing, Growth Spasm, Pawn of Ulamog, Skittering Invasion, Spawnsire of Ulamog

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