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BFZ Spoilers 9-09

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Here we go again with another round of Magic: the Gathering 'Battle for Zendikar' spoilers.  To summarise with brevity today's WotC offerings for the next set, 'we have a silly dragon and a handfull of uncommonly bad cards'.  Let's get on with it . . .
Akoum Hellkite
Here be dragons!  More specifically, a dragon, with a landfall ability.  Six mana for a 4/4 flyer saddle with a ping of damage on landfall is meh.  Double down on damage for a ping to the animated mountain is still meh.

Uncommons -

Deathless Behemoth - Six for a 6/6 with a recursion from the yard when you sac two scions.  meh.

Roil Spout - One colourless and an azorious pops that threatening critter to the top of your opponents library.  With awaken still meh.

Ulamog's Nullifier - Two colourless and a dimir buys you a 2/3 flash flyer with devoid.  Other ability is over the rainbow wierd with an eotb effect sending two opponent's exiled cards (now 'graveyard' v2.0) back to the yard to counter a spell.  Nope - meh.

Grove Rumbler - Two and a gruul delivers a 3/3 trample with +2/+2 pump on landfall.  meh.

Grovetender Druids - Two and a selesnya sends you a 3/3 rally ability where you may pay one to get a salad token.  Not that bad really.

Tajuru Warcaller - Three and two green for a 2/1 elf warrior ally with a simple +2/+2 rally pump.

We sincerely hope tomorrow will bring something nicer.

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