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Zendikar Story

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Quite some time ago, we had the sads real bad when WotC took away the 'mini-novel' that used to come in the Fat Pack.  They then took away the novellas meant to replace those Fat Pack novels.  They told us that they were going to expand and enhance the online content with the Forgotten Realms installment on the mothersite.

Well, I think Wizards of the Coast hit a home run.  We have been digg'n the regular weekly installments a lot.  The apprehension we had of different contributing authors have been unfounded and the pieced-together storyline which we fretted was to be some Frankenstein literary creation is, in fact pretty seamless in its delivery.

This weekend, be sure to catch up on the stories for the upcoming Battle for Zendikar set as well as catching all that (much anticipated / very exciting) news / announcements / and gameplay at PAX Prime in Seattle.  You can catch all of the action in one spot -

For now, here is a quick run-down of the two installments to date.  Expect 'episode 3' to go up next Wednesday -

Episode 1: Slaughter at the Refuge
Gideon brings Jace to Zendikar to solve the "mystery of the hedrons," but instead of arriving in a safe camp of Sea Gate refugees, the Planeswalkers find themselves in a scene of carnage. Before Jace can get to work, he and Gideon must fight their way through the Eldrazi horde in search of survivors.

Episode 2: The Silent Cry
Nissa is bonded with the soul of the land and she wields the full power of Zendikar as she fights the Eldrazi alongside her towering elemental companion, Ashaya. She feels unstoppable—until everything is ripped away. When Zendikar stops responding to her call, when Ashaya collapses, when the land falls silent, Nissa is left to face the monsters alone.

Episode 3: The Believers’ Pilgrimage
The only reason Jace is here on Zendikar is to continue where researchers at Sea Gate left off—to discover how the mysterious stone hedrons throughout the plane can be used as a weapon against the Eldrazi. After conferring with the merfolk explorer Jori En, they decide to journey to the Eye of Ugin to complete Jace’s study. On the way, they encounter a group of pilgrims who have an unusual—and deadly—relationship to the Eldrazi.

Episode 4: The Survivors of Sky Rock

Episode 5: Memories of Blood

Episode 6: Nissa's Quest


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