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Commander 2015

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Some rather juicy Magic: the Gathering news to pass along - players loving the tall stacks should be rather excited.  Posted sometime yesterday on the WotC Wizards Play Network site was this new product listing which was not preceded by the conventional product announcement on the main site (usually through Arcana) -

Commander 2015
Release Date:  November 13, 2015
Description:  Commander (2015) brings 5 new enemy-colored preconstructed decks to the widely popular multiplayer format, Commander!
Casual players will enjoy playing with these decks right out of the box as well as crafting new Commander decks or adding to their own deck creations using the 15 new Magic cards found in each deck!
With a total of 55 new cards in the set, Commander (2015) is sure to be exciting for any experienced player looking to change-up their favorite decks!

Product Code: B28720000
UPC: 6 30509 30740 1
MSRP $34.99* Applies to U.S. only

Each Deck Contains:

• A 100-card Commander deck

• One oversized Foil Commander card for each deck

• 10 double-sided tokens

• Deck storage box

• Strategy insert and rules reference card

• 15 new Magic cards (55 for the set in total)

Sooo - 
If you were looking for a new 'n' exciting enemy-coloured General (Commander) legendary creature - or perhaps Planeswalker going off last year's offering, then you are very much in luck.  For reference, here are those colour pairs again -
WB - Orzhov
WR - Boros
UR - Izzet
BG - Golgari
UG - Simic

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