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FTV Angels Full Spoiler

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Magic: the Gathering fans are certain to be happy to learn that WotC staffer Trick Jarret delivered the full list of all the Angels to see print in the upcoming From the Vault product on the mothersite today.

From the Vault: Angels is the eight and latestest product installment for the 'From the Vault' series. It is expected to be released on 21 August, 2015, with an MSRP of $34.99, but one should expect this price to be significantly more as players and collectors scramble to secure a copy.

This particular set contains 15 famous (and infamous Angels), all of which are printed using the Magic 2015 style card frame. Each card has been printed using a foil process unique to the From the Vault series with five cards featuring new art. 
Akroma, Angel of Fury (new art)
Akroma, Angel of Wrath
Archangel of Strife
Aurelia, the Warleader
Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Baneslayer Angel
Entreat the Angels
Exalted Angel (new art)
Iona, Shield of Emeria (new art)
Iridescent Angel (new art)
Jenara, Asura of War
Lightning Angel
Platinum Angel
Serra Angel (new art)
Tariel, Reckoner of Souls

• 15 premium foil cards, including 5 with new art.
• An exclusive Spindown life counter.
• A collector's guide.

Appearing in the skies above the fiercest battles, Angels are known throughout the Multiverse for their awesome power and terrible fury. This limited-edition box set contains fifteen Magic: The Gathering cards featuring a host of the most formidable winged warriors to ever grace the game.

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Андрей Иванов said...

Oh my gosh, I am so buying this! New Akroma for collection, Lightning angel, Baneslayer... Do you know if or when it will be available for MtG Online?