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Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Wow, what a weekend in Vancouver.  If you were a Magic: the Gathering fan who likes standard constructed and wanted to witness the full impact of all the new Magic Origins set cards in this environment, then you were likely glued to the Twitch channel for most of the weekend.  Before we get into that though, we have to talk about a Commander article recently posted over MTG Goldfish.

Our playgroup here at MTG Realm loves us some Commander games, and in fact have been playing the tall stack way back when it was called Elder Dragon Highlander.  We had not been able to wrap our (sometimes narrow-minded noodles) around 'group hug' Commander theory, but Tomer Abramovici on MTG Goldfish gave some suggestions on not too baaaad game-winning unbleatable plays using Zedruu and we now want to give it a hoof.

Anywhoos, back on track with what went down over the weekend - Here are the Top 8 Finalists from Pro Tour Magic Origins Vancouver, with our congratulations to Joel Larsson who took first place as well as a $40,000.

• Joel Larsson - Red Aggro
• Mike Sigrist -  Blue-Red Ensoul Artifact
• Paul Jackson -  Green-red Devotion
• Matthew Sperling -  Abzan Control
• Kentaro Yamamoto - Abzan Megamorph

• Stephen Neal - Red Aggro
• Patrick Cox - Red Aggro
• Stephen Berrios - Blue-Red Ensoul Artifact

Of interest to us are the 2 decklists (from Sigrist and Berrios) - Blue-Red Ensoul Artifact.  This was the first list we had built (we called R/U 'Bots) after Magic Origins and our variation was not too un-similar.  Here is our first iteration after the Magic Origins release on Tapped Out.


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