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Origins Spoiler 6-08

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

A number of new Magic Origins spoilers to go over today but first a bit about the weekend - MTG Realm member (yours truly CopySix) took a black / white (B/W) warrior decklist to Friday Night Magic at our local gaming store OMG! Games and to much surprise, took second place.  In attendance on Friday was 'Chev', out of town from Oshawa who had also had a similar list.  The mirror match was perhaps one of the most entertaining games in some time.

On the radar here, is the following WotC product releases, of which we now have a cohort of new Magic Origins cards via the mothersite from staffer Blake Rasmussen.
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi - August 28, 2015
Magic Origins - July 17, 2015
Battle for Zendikar - October 2, 2015

Anywhoos, let us get on to the business at hand now - new cardboard !

Part of those rather nice 30-card sample learn-to-play decks that Wizards of the Coast has been providing for some time now, we have several new cards which is expected to make it to the next and final core set.  Some of these cards are also showcased in MaRo's article on the mothersite discussing evergreen keywords, so we suggest popping on over to read all about it.  WotC staffer lead things off with this beast of a red creature spell - Avaricious Dragon.

Righto - on to the newly previewed Magic Origins cards -

From White Sample product list
Akroan Jailer
Grasp of the Hieromancer
Heavy Infantry
Sentinel of the Eternal Watch
Valor in Akros 

From Blue Sample product list
Jhessian Thief
Ringwarden Owl
Seperatist Voidmage 
Veteran's Sidearm

From Black Sample product list
Deadbridge Shaman
Eyeblight Assassin
Infernal Scarring
Malakir Cullblade
Rabid Bloodsucker
Reave Soul
Shambling Ghoul

From Red Sample product list
Enthralling Victor
Lightning Javelin 
Seismic Elemental
Subterranean Scout
Volcanic Rambler

From Green Sample product list
Conclave Naturalists
Hitchclaw Recluse
Joraga Invocation 
Mantle of Webs

Lastly, also of note is a mysterious image from the interwebs whose source and validity has not yet been determined, so consider this as unconfirmed - 


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