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Magic Origins Supplemental

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Interesting blip on the Magic: the Gathering radar early this morning.  Forum member LouCypher posted a Magic Origins spoiler - sorta.  We'll have to explain a bit on this one.  

We were rather excited to see that we might have another new card spoiled (incorrectly inserted into a Modern Masters booster) and we would have it join the small list of Magic Origins cards Hixus, Prison Warden, and Liliana, Defiant Necromancer / Liliana, Heretical Healer.  Seeing the card image before reading anything else we thought 'meh' as it was a Journey into Nyx reprint.  We then noted that the card number '275/272'.  Woot - perhaps not a boring rather recent reprint at all but a supplemental card.

WotC has, for quite some time, provided simple 'learn to play' pre-constructed sample decks, along with core set 'Deck Builder's Toolkits' and has in the past provide an extra 15 cards tagged onto the core set but do not appear within the booster pack for that core set.  

Anywhoos, we might as well as look at this anyway and just enjoy the more simple and elegant things.  Scott Murphy's illustration is spot-on with this card as well - there's a nasty cyclops from nyx to be managed.

Eagle of the Watch, 2W
Creature - Bird, Common
Flying, vigilance
"Even from miles away, I could see our eagles circling. That's when I gave the command to pick up the pace. I knew we were needed at home." —Kanlos, Akroan captain
illus. Scott Murphy # 275/272



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