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MTG Origins Fire Logic

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Magic Origins Planeswalker Stories are to be posted each Wednesday on the Mothersite's Uncharted Realms column and will feature one short story focusing on each of the five 'walkers and how they came to be.  Here's the schedule - 

• June 10 - Chandra Nalaar, 'Fire Logic', by Doug Beyer
• June 17 - Liliana Vess, 'The Fourth Pact', by James Wyatt
• June 24 - Jace Beleren, 'Absent Minds', by Kelly Digges
• July 1 - Gideon Jura, 'Kytheon Iora of Akros', by Ari Levitch
• July 8 - Nissa Revane, 'Home', bu Kimberly J. Kreines & Adam Lee

Yesterday's Fire Logic story featuring the iconic red Planewalker Chandra was all that and a bag of chips and we suggest that, if you have not yet, you pop on over and give it a read.  Doug is a great writer and we are most definitely looking forward to reading contributions from the rest of the staffers, all of whom have had produced lovely writing previously.

In short, readers learn of the early life of Chandra Nalaar who had grown up in the city of Ghirapur on the Plane of Kaladesh, a place where artifact creatures and creations are fueled by √¶ther, which is tightly controlled by the Consul.  Chandra's parents are involved in the √¶ther blackmarket and need to escape the city after Chandra first experience with her gift (or curse) of pyromancy, which is very much frowned upon, to put it very lightly.  Chandra goes full flame at the time of her public execution and planes-walks to what is assumed to be Keral Keep on Mount Keralia on the Plane of Regatha.

We suggest that if you liked this story, you may also like reading 'Purifying Fire' as well.  Also accompanying today's 'Fire Logic' story is a set of illustrations of which most will be seen as card arts for the upcoming Magic Origins set.  We've gotta check 'em now now - 

Art by Tyler Jacobson, Magali Villeneuve, Eric Deschamps, Lius Lasahido

Art by Svetlin Velinov, Johann Bodin, Daarken, Dan Scott

Art by Victor Adame Minguez, Daarken, Jason A. Engle, Lius Lasahido

Arts by Eric Deschamps

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