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Thalia Tiny Leader

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

As you may know, one member of the MTG Realm playgroup (CopySix) has a serious thingy for all things white weenie, so it comes as little surprise that he has developed a Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Tiny Leader decklist.  It is not entirely tuned / complete but seems to promise fun games.  Strap on in and let's have a look at this particular budget friendly build which should run you about $35 or so.

Taxing non-creature spells an extra 1 colorless is good against the metagame.  Thalia is a Human Soldier and may be a natural fit in a mono-white 'weenie' build featuring mostly creature spells.

Anthem effects to be had with Veteran Armorsmith, Field Marshal, Adaptive Automaton, Veteran Swordsmith, Honor of the Pure, Shared Triumph, Glorious Anthem with pseduo-anthem effect to be had with Accorder Paladin's 'Battle cry' ability.  Additional effect with Mobilization provides your soldiers with vigilance.  Evasion via flying provided by Cavalry Pegasus to all of the 16 or so humans found in the list.

Token Producers : Mobilization, Spirit Bonds and Precinct Captain.

Control / Removal allowance : Bonds of Faith (doubles as an pumped aura), Fiend Hunter and Banisher Priest.

Other notes:
Recursion via Order of Whiteclay
Card draw via Mentor of the Meek
Frontline Medic saves from boardwipes or messes with 'X' spells.
Four pieces of equipment tailored to Humans or Soldiers.


    Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

Creature (19)

    1x Accorder Paladin
    1x Adaptive Automaton
    1x Archetype of Courage
    1x Ballynock Cohort
    1x Banisher Priest
    1x Boros Elite
    1x Cavalry Pegasus
    1x Champion of the Parish
    1x Field Marshal
    1x Fiend Hunter
    1x Fiendslayer Paladin
    1x Frontline Medic
    1x Gideon's Avenger
    1x Mentor of the Meek
    1x Mirran Crusader
    1x Order of Whiteclay
    1x Precinct Captain
    1x Veteran Armorsmith
    1x Veteran Swordsmith

Enchantment (6)

    1x Bonds of Faith
    1x Glorious Anthem
    1x Honor of the Pure
    1x Mobilization
    1x Shared Triumph
    1x Spirit Bonds

Artifact (4)

    1x Butcher's Cleaver
    1x Sharpened Pitchfork
    1x Silver-Inlaid Dagger
    1x Veteran's Armaments

Instant (2)

    1x Brave the Elements
    1x Emerge Unscathed

Land (18)

    1x Daru Encampment
    1x Forbidding Watchtower
    16x Plains


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