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Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We are rather happy to have picked up this rather nice Gamers Messenger Bag from Ultra • PRO recently and want to yatter about it.  We've seen players at Magic: the Gathering events packing fat stacks and gaming accessories in just about everything you can imagine from plastic shopping bags, Crown Royal purple bags, customized brief cases and of course back packs which are so ubiquous at Tournaments and Friday Night Magic events.  Anywhoos, before we get too far along, please check out this video of the Ultra • PRO /  FaceOff messenger bag -

This gamers messenger bag was designed by Ultra • PRO in conjunction with Keep Pursuing (KP) and their unique interchangeable 'FaceOff' cover flap.  You get one rather plain looking cover with just the logo (which may be great if you are heading into a meeting), or the very cool illustrated one with that Dragon by artist Mauricio Herrera ('El Grimlock').

There is a metric ton of secure interior and exterior compartments, elastic loops to keep your deck boxes secure, cushioned neoprene interior compartment for your laptop or tablet, side storage pocket fot a playmat tube and a small inside pocket to keep dice in.  Lots of loops for pens, zippered pockets for note pads, and a full back zippered compartment to hold your trade binder.  Quick release adjustable shoulder strap lets you get this bag in the best spot for walking / biking or taking the tube to your game.

What we love :

• Foremost, that interchangeable bag cover flap.  We hope Ultra • PRO may have different graphics in the future but for now, Mauricio's dragon is rocking it.

• The exterior shell material - don't know what the material is properly called but it appears to be water resistant if you happen to get caught dancing outside in the rain with a Pina Colada or even more importantly WUBRG spills some table syrup from his waffles onto your messenger bag during an FNM.

What we think may be improved :

• We do like that there is a small 4-inch deep bag-interior pocket for dice.  This pocket should be secured with a velcro closure but think most players will just opt to have a container / bag of dice stored in another option within the bag.

• That pocket for your playmat tube is OK but we personally don't think it is deep enough.  We would rather see an elasticized band secure the tube along the strap or have a place just under the top of front panel flap.

Completely unnessary but cool all the same is that protective cover bag that this was shipped in - we suggest that you may be well served by stuffing this in one of the messenger bags numerous pockets.  If you need to crash on your buddy's couch after an epic late night game of Commander, this may be a handy pillow cover so you don't have to imagine what that pillow was next to earlier in the day.

The Ultra • PRO Gamers Bag by KP FaceOff comes in a red zipper trim and a blue one.  This will retail in the area of about 80 clams or so and we think it a solid investment if you are in the market for a product to safely and securely port your game to your battlefield.  


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