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Famous 2-Drop

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

There is a rather interesting discussion going down on Reddit's MagicTCG.  Specifically, NinjaFerret4-5 asked 'What's the Best Two Drop of All Time?' which spurred a discussion with over 300 replys in just under 18 hours.

Here was a description and qualifier - 
Famous two drops have long defined Magic; everything from [[Wild Mongrel]] to [[Arcbound Ravager]] to [[Meddling Mage]]. However, a general consensus has formed over the 4 best ones. I am talking about Snapcaster Mage, Stoneforge Mystic, Tarmogoyf, and Dark Confidant, with the red version of the cycle sometimes [[Young Pyromancer]]. However, what does Reddit think is the best of the 4(5)? Does Reddit think Young Pyromancer deserves a spot in the Two Drop Hall of Fame?

EDIT: I meant two drop creatures. Yes, we all know that "creatures suck" but comparing Tarmogoyf to a Time Walk is like comparing a Fiat to a Lamborghini. One costs much less, but you will almost always want the other and the other is considered much more powerful.
When we just started out playing shortly after Lorwyn was released, we had often used the community rating on Gatherer (while it was still working !WotC!), as sort of a rough compass to determine a specific card's comparative playability in the format.  

Yeah - we were young and rather uninformed.  For giggles, we did the very same sort on Gatherer for 2 CMC critters (apparently there is about 1,391 of 'em) sorted to community rating - here is the absolute rubbish we got back - 

There was some really great discussion going on with very little nonsensical silliness which sometimes adds cholesterol to the read.  We suggest you read the post and pipe in.  Here are a few decent inputs -


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