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Full MM2015 Spoiler

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

Yesterday over the the mothersite, the entire Modern Masters 2015 edition was previewed in the Card Image gallery.  If you've not already had a look, pop on over here.  

Modern Masters 2015 is a 249 card set consisting of reprints of cards originally printed between Eighth Edition and New Phyrexia. Modern Masters 2015 is exclusively booster-based, designed to be drafted. Each booster contains 15 playable cards: 10 commons, 3 uncommons, one rare or mythic rare, and one foil card of any rarity replacing the basic land which would normally be found in a booster as Modern Masters 2015 does not contain a run of basic lands.

Due to the higher expected average value of the cards contained in a booster and the lower print run, the MSRP of one booster of Modern Masters is set to $9.99 ($3 higher than the first Modern Masters set). Due to the higher MSRP booster displays only contain 24 packs, which is also the number required for a regular draft (three boosters for each of eight players), as the set was designed specifically for draft.  The cost to draft this set may be a titch too high for some players out there.

A number of cards change rarity from their original printing to create a better drafting environment or because mythic rare wasn't introduced until the Alara block. Examples include moving 'Eye of Ugin' from Mythic Rare to Rare or the Ravnica bounce lands from common to uncommon.

Some cards receive new artwork and we do not think there is enough of these at all -

Etched Champion
Daybreak Coronet
Pillory of the Sleepless
Tarmogoyf (same are as in first MM)
Vendilion Clique
Shadowmage Infiltrator

Of note, there is less of a tribal theme, like goblins / rebels in this Modern Masters edition (which we've never though lent well to drafting), and more emphasis related to colour like evoke / bloodthirst /  soulshift.  Although we are rather excited to see a printing of Daybreak Coronet (as we have an uncompleted Modern Boggles decklist), we really do not understand why this would make the cut in this set.  We would of course be rather happy opening up a Tarmo  or Karn but would cry if it was a Horde of Notions or Etched Monstrosity.  If you are one of those folks who get into the financial value of a particular set, we will likely be reading your article soon.

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