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DTK Dragon Ramp

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

In yesterday's article we mentioned Chris VanMeter's R/G Aggro (we think 'ramp') decklist which took top spot in last weekend's StarCityGame's Standard Open tournament in Syracuse - we wanted to take a closer look at this build as three of the top eight winning decklists were of a similar cut.

Ramp has always been a Texas two-step - ramp (wind up) and drop the bomb, or fatty which in this case is the seven mana Dragonlord Ararka.  The end game with VanMeter's build is to get one of several different killers to land late game - Dragonlord Atarka, or Crater's Claws.  One could even consider Polukranos, World Easter, Hornet Queen, or Ugin, Spirit Dragon if we were going to ramp into something scary, but VanMeter has provided a focus here, most decidedly dragonic in nature.  There is synergy to be had with Draconic Roar and similar to the much too brief life of Sliver Hive, there is a non-basic land 'Haven of the Spirit Dragon' to assist.

Ramping the ramp is accomplished via the usual suspects - Elvish Mystic, Sylvan Caryatid, and Courser of Kruphix, Xenagos, the Reveler, with Explosive Vegetation taking up any slack.  One may also consider Rattleclaw Mystic in the mix.

There are about 44 Dragons in standard at the moment with the least expensive at four mana (and there are only two of them).  Dragons are mana-intensive and we did not think they would make the cut in standard but Chris has made it work rather well.  To ensure you are still alive 'n' kicking turn four or five when you start dropping the beats, Chris chose Roast, Draconic Roar and Crater's Claws, all rather solid cards sure to keep the battlefield clear or burn your opponent.

Suggested reading includes Gavin Verhy's Reconstructed article on today's mothersite post, VanMeter's article 'Pushing G/R Aggro' on SCG, as well as Gerry Thompson's article on SCG 'Where are my Dragons?'.

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