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BCW Sleeves

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Here at MTG Realm, we have yet another product review again from BCW Supplies - this one for the card sleeves.  More specifically, the standard gaming sleeves as well as their Inner Sleeves.  We're certain that Magic: the Gathering fans, or for that matter, any card gamer has experienced the pain and frustration of poor quality sleeves.  Sometimes new and right outta the package the inexpensive ones split, even with a very careful shuffle.  Another somewhat common sleeve issue which we've personally experienced some years ago is the purchase of several same-brand card sleeve packs from the same manufacturer where not only the colour was ever so slightly off, the solid colour sleeve back on the one sleeve pack was considerably thinner so that one could see the back of the MTG card.

Since August of last year, we've been using Double Matte Deck Guards from BCW Supplies on several of our Magic: the Gathering standard and Commander decks and have not yet had one break so far.  Here's a quick summary of our observations based on approximately 9 months of moderate playing - that is, a minimum of at least one game per week with multiple shuffles per game :

• No card splits / robust seams
• Easy shuffling / handling
• No corner-edge bends yet
• No discernable wear on sleeve face
• Perfect colour match between sleeve packs
• Minimal sleeve front glare

Specifically, these were the BCW Supplies Double Matte Black Deck Guards, 66 x 91 mm sleeves which are designed to fit the standard 2½" x 3½" game card.  We have really no concerns at all with these sleeves and the only note was that although these are labeled as clear non-glare, there was indeed a slight glare.  We would temper that statement with 'we've seen so much worse' and consider the amount of perceived glare (at the local store as well as our play group at home) to be barely worth to be mentioned.

Next up -
BCW Supplies Inner Sleeves.

To be very honest an clear, in the 8 or so years we've been playing Magic: the Gathering, we have not once used inner sleeves on any of our cards.  In retrospect, we will freely admit that there have been a handful of occasions in the past where we really should have.  Case in point - one rather late evening with the playgroup at home, one of the members unknowingly had a very small volume of cold beverage condensate wick into a foil Noble Hierarch and then mangle-shuffled.  Sobriety was not present.  This lovely card (just under a $100) now had a nasty corner (sorry no image taken of ths).  We should think that were the card double-sleeved, such a disaster would have been averted.

Anywhoos, here's the low-down on the BCW Inner Sleeves - These are a perfect skin-tight fit of 64 x 89 milimeters and when employed in an opposing fashion (inner / outer sleeves at opposite), the arrangement provides a near impenetrable barrier to safeguard your cardboard asset.

We personally found it a bit time-consuming to get the perfect fit inner sleeve on but will admit that the time spent is well spent indeed to keep your precious investment looking tip-top.


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