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BCW Deck Locker

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

If you're Christian, it's Good Friday and we wish you a wonderful Easter Holidays with family and friends.  There is of course no Friday Night Magic for most of us here in North America as well as other regions so players  here in Barrie are heading off to the local gaming store, OMG! Games Saturday where I think there will be an entire day of drafts.  

Anywhoos, we've got another product review for you today - its the Deck Locker from BCW Supplies.  Before we get into it, here's a short vid from us -

This is a pretty fine deck box which will hold your full 60 standard constructed, the 15 card sideboard as well as a crap-ton of tokens if you need.  We also were able to get in a full 100-card Commander deck no problem but we suggest you don't try that unless you are really in a bind.

The Deck Case also has a rather cool dice tray which should accommodate all your dice / counters.  We got a D20, our lucky flip coin, a full Chessex set (7 dice - d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 & d00) as well as that big Planeswalker life counter from Commander's Arsenal.

Outside finished layer is textured (so your greasy hands won't drop it so readily) as well as embossed with that kick-arse BCW dragon logo.  Inside is pimped out like Quagmire's pad with microfiber material promising never to rug-burn your precious cardboard.

There are two magnetic closures and the thingy kinda looks like a fridge with a smaller separate closure for the dice tray and the larger main compartment one where you will store your cardboard whoop-arse.

We did a drop and although the mag closure did pop on the strategic angel we dropped it at, it did not puke contents everywhere.  The small door mag closure is tight and will not likely pop where the larger one might if you klutz'd it, so don't game unless you are sober.

Suggestions for BCW Supplies -

If possible during next upgrade, provide a small write-on surface so players can label their deckboxes should they have more than one.  

Another suggestion - MOAR mag closures / stronger magnets on the main compartment door - we want the iron being sucked out of our hemoglobin. 

All in all, a very sweet deck box which we would recommend to your mom.  Depending on how deep in the woods your gamery shoppe is, you could expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $20.

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