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Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope all have had a great weekend with a chance to get in some Magic: the Gathering gaming.  On Saturday, we have an epic round of Commander Momir Vig versus Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath with Obby delivering a helluva smackdown.  During Friday Night Magic at OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario was the official launch of Dragons of Tarkir.  We did not get all the new cards we had wanted yet so we tweaked the existing U/W Heroic deck to include a few Graceblade Artisan (who loves auras) in the main, and some Pacifism in the sideboard.  Three wins and two losses delivered 11th place and put us short of Top 8 and scoring the FNM promo.  Next post, we hope to yatter about the new standard environment.

Anywhos - back on topic - we wanted to talk about some pretty cool card storage binder pages we picked up from BCW Supplies.  These are the double-sided, side-loading, nine-pocket binder pages.  We've had in the past some pretty questionable quality pages in our card trading binder and have had on at least 3 separate occasions had the binder drop or get bumped with the cards falling out on the game store floor or table.  Let's get thingys started with a short video, so you can see what we're talking about -

First of all - COLOUR - the pages come in all of the five colours of MTG mana, which means that if you organise your card binder by colour, this will certainly aid you in quickly finding the card(s) you are after.

Second - SECURITY - the pages are side-loading - we do not care at all for the top-loading pages which we've seen lose cards.  The BCW Pro Pages have a very nice textured inner layer with we feel assists in preventing your possibly expensive card from sliding out during transit - we suggest you invest in a zippered binder to be uber-safe if you are doing a lot of traveling with your trade binder.  Outer page pocket loads from center with the middle and inside column loading from the outside.

Lastly - MATERIAL - we own a few binders with older polyvinyl chloride plastic pages which have now (after two years or so) become brittle with the card pockets breaking.  BCW indicates the pages are polypropylene which in our opinion is the cat's meow as these in our experience last longer without loss of the page pocket seam-welds.

We really like these pages a lot but have to warn you that we don't know how these pages are for UV protection.  We do know that coloured PP lasts longer than clear, and that PP generally lasts longer than PVC.  Our binders are on a shelf that is near a window and although not in direct sunlight for most of the day, it still catches a few rays.  Overall - TWO THUMBS UP. ~

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