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DTK PreRelease

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope that all of you were able to make it out to a Dragons of Tarkir PreRelease event over the weekend.  If not (sorry to hear), perhaps you will get a chance to get your paws on these new Magic: the Gathering cards during the official release which takes place this Friday (27th March) during your local gaming store's regular Friday Night Magic Event.  This date also marks when you may officially use these cards in a sactioned event.

Anywhoos, as today's post title suggests, we want to yatter a bit about this weekend's Dragons of Tarkir PreRelease event.  OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario ran a series of events starting at Friday midnight all the way to Sunday with an average about 35 to 40 participants.  We took in the Sunday morning event and went with the Dromoka (Green / White) PreRelease Pack which landed us in 8th spot.  Let's get to a short video first, before we get into it -

Dromoka (Green / White) Seeded PreRelease Pack
Sunscorch Regent, Echoes of the Kin Tree, Inspiring Call, Scale BlessingDromoka's Gift,  Lightwalker, Sandcrafter Mage, Ainok Arillerist, Enduring Victory, Aven Tactician, Harald of Dromoka, Servant of the Scale, Glaring Aegis, Champion of Arashin, Aerial Bowmasters, Shape the Sands.

Rares pulled from the packs :
• Sunscorch Regent (promo) 
• Harbinger of the Hunt  
• Radiant Purge  
• Deathbringer Regent  
• Blessed Reincarnation  
• Warden of the First Tree

Final Build :
1x Warden of the First Tree
1x Servant of the Scale
1x Echoes of the Kin Tree
1x Radiant Purge
1x Lightwalker
1x Pressure Point
2x Pacifism
1x Epic Confrontation
1x Ainok Guide
1x Sandcaster Mage
1x Sandsteppe Outcast
1x Map of the Wastes
1x Inspiring Call
1x Champion of Arashin
1x Battlefront Krushok
1x Dromoka's Gift
1x Pinion Feast
2x Aven Tactician
1x Enduring Victory
1x Sunscorch Regent

Round 1 - DRAW
Mike - Dromoka

Round 2 - DRAW
Alex - Silumgar

Round 3 - WIN (in 2)
Mathieu - Ajoutai

Round 4 - LOSS (in 3)
James - Dromoka

We originally thought that the format would be really slow 'n' grindy with the win going to the first player who happened to land a Dragon.  Not really the case.  With a healthy number of removal options, game play was fun / exciting / engaging and it seemed that each of the Dragon Clans were fairly balanced against each other with no very clear overpowered suit.

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