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DTK FULL Spoiler

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Very exciting news today - Magic: the Gathering fans worldwide have just lost their collective cool and are presently going nuts at Wizards of the Coast posted ALL the remaining Dragons of Tarkir cards on the card image gallery.  There is quite a lot ahead of us as we all go through the newly revealed cards and speculate how each of the game formats may change when this new set becomes legal on 27th March.

It is of course quite impossible to go through all the new cards in this post, so you will have to settle on these select few for now.  Swing on back to the MTG Realm blog next week for our daily posts for card evaluations and reviews.

• Gleam of Authority - interesting aura benefiting from your bolster tech.  This just might make the cut in standard heroic.

• Secure the Wastes - damn fine instant that will puke Warrior tokens.  By-the-way - warrior 'tribal' is looking good in the new standard.

• Blessed Reincarnation - this rebounding instant is going places, great removal with a drawback that might be palatable.

• Illusory Gains - this looks good but we would have been much more happier with a 'you may move' clause.

• Profaner of the Dead - conditional evacuation of your opponent's board might make this good in your sideboard.

• Corpseweft - we approve and think this may be good value in some builds.

• Foul Renewal - conditional spot removal and recursion - this ain't bad at all.

• Berserkers’ Onslaught - not that bad, we're not excited though.

• Volcanic Vision - we like this in a Commander build we have but it doesn't make the cut in standard.

• Obscuring Æther - weird, wonderful and interesting - we love it.


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