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Wednesday MTG Miscellany

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

It being Wednesday today, you can pop over to the mothersite and check out some of the impresseive high-resolution digital artwork from recent Magic: the Gathering sets (linky over here).  Today's offering is Yasova Dragonclaw.

Here is a quick round-up of recent loads - 
• Yasova Dragonclaw, (Fate Reforged) 02/25/15, By Winona Nelson
• Ojutai, Soul of Winter, (Fate Reforged) 02/18/15, By Chase Stone
• Mastery of the Unseen, (Fate Reforged) 02/11/15, By Daniel Ljunggren
• Tasigur, the Golden Fang, (Fate Reforged) 02/04/15, By Chris Rahn
We also suggest you catch up with the lore / storyline in today's Uncharted Realms article, this time by Kim Kreines who had been a WotC Associate Editor but now (last fall) has moved over to the Creative Design Team.  This is Kim's third Uncharted Realms story and we like her writing.

A Tarkir of Dragons
Posted in Uncharted Realms on February 25, 2015 
We've taken an interest in some of the incredible artwork presented in the Uncharted Realms story.  Some we have seen before in print but we have to wonder whether these lovely pieces below may seen printing as card art in the next set, Dragons of Tarkir -

 illustrated by Jaime Jones - This certainly looks like the legendary black / red dragon 'Kologhan, the Storm's Fury' from Fate Reforged.

  illustrated by Steve Prescott - Showing what appears to be a number of 'Atarka, World Render' brood looking for a quick bite.

illustrated by Franz Vohwinkel - the reference in the story is that this may be vials of Dragonfire shared by Kologhan with the Mardu.

illustrated by Jason Rainville - Apparently with the rise of the dragons, Clan Khans have been supplanted by 'Dragonlords', and the time-shifted Zurgo Helmsmasher has become Zurgo Bellstriker.

illustrated by David Gaillet - Sarkhan seeks Narset only to find that the former Jeskai Clan has expelled her as a heretic.  In this reality, Taigam had not defected to the Sultai but remains with the 'Jeskai' as a master.

Loving the regular installments of Uncharted Realms and very much appreciate that Wizards has provided these sneak-peak illustrations.

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