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Tarkir Dragonfury

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Soon here at MTG Realm, we'll be diving into Magic: the Gathering spoiler season again with the upcoming Dragons of Tarkir set with our very first previews are expected 6th March during the PAX East MTG Panel in Boston.  Today on the mothersite, we are treated with an early look at the Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Event Activity called 'Tarkir Dragonfury'.

One particular job we do not envy is creating these Prerelease activities.  Wizards has been doing a damn fine job and one of the biggest improvements we'll note is the use of the 'Prerelease Pack' which we, other players, and event organisers at your local gaming store just love.  Some of the Prerelease activities have been hit and miss however.  A hit according to many was the Avacyn Restored 'Helvault', while a miss may have been Dragon's Maze 'Implicit Maze'.

WotC staffer Gavin's article today touched on the Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Activity - 'Tarkir Dragonfury'.  Quite briefly, twice during the Prerelease event, you may take the D20 'Spindown™' representing your 'breath weapon' to knock down a number of pieces on the board pictured below.  Scores are totaled and prizes awarded (while supplies last) which are alternate art cards.  Here is what each point total can win:

• 3 points—Basic land
• 9 points—Basic land and Common
• 12 points—Basic Land, Common, and uncommon
• 18 points—Basic Land, Common, Uncommon, and Rare 

We love us some alternate art cards, and are certainly head over heels seeing just how awesome these dice look.  Our 13-year old self is looking forward to knocking down those board pieces, but since we've moved a few decades beyond that age, the activity seems a bit lame / gimicky.  

Our opinion may change during the Prerelease Event and as with all things, we'll be going in unbiased and with an open mind.

. . . mmm - those dice . . . 

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