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Arena of the Planeswalkers

Happy Wednesday (again) MTG peeps,

This is our second post for today - if you've missed our first post about the upcoming Matthew Leasure Memorial Tournament, please click on back here.

Anywhoos - the big news . . .

You may recall our posts back in October last year on the exciting news of a Magic: the Gathering strategy board game (article posted over here).  Well, it appears that IGN has just released a few additional details, the finalised box art as well as the official name - 'Magic the Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers'

The very first thingy you may realise by looking at the box is the confirmation off all five Planeswalkers.  We already knew of Chandra, Jace, and Nissa but we now know that GIDEON will be joining Liliana and the rest of the crew.

If this particular list of 'Walkers seem oddly familiar, you would be correct - these are the very same ones to appear in the very last Core Set, 'Magic Origins', just announced a few days ago.   The game is expected to see a limited release in June at select retailers and widely available in August for approximately $30.  

In the box will be: 
• six modular board pieces, 
• four plastic terrain pieces, 
• three plastic glyphs, 
• two temple ruins, 
• five painted Planeswalker mini figures, 
• 30 squad mini figures, 
• one 20-sided die, 
• eight combat dice, 
• 30 damage counters, 
• 60 spell cards, 
• 10 Squad stat cards, and 
• five Planeswalker cards.

Most definitely looking forward !


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