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Tumblr Tuesday

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

It's Tumblr time again here on MTG Realm where we republish all the Magic: the Gathering updates from our other site on Tumblr.  This time around, it's all about the amazing Dragon's Maze and Magic 2014 spoilers and previews which have been coming fast and furious from Wizards and PAX East this last weekend.  Don't forget to start planning your Dragon's Maze pre-orders soon from MTG Mint Card as they start getting singles up.

First up however, here's the Dragon's Maze trailer WotC had posted to the 'Tube . . .


Righto - onto the material from our Tumblr . . .

Magic: the Gathering - Dragon’s Maze Prerelease

Some Dragon’s Maze Prerelease on the mothersite today. As anticipated,  Maze’s End will be the prerelease promo card with that kick-butt art by  Cliff Childs.
• One Return to Ravnica Guild Booster Pack
• Four Dragon’s Maze Booster Packs
• One Gatecrash Guild Booster Pack


Magic: the Gathering - FNM Promos

April 2013 FNM Promo is Call of the Conclave (Return to Ravnica Uncommon) with art by Anthony Palumbo.  Original art by Terese Nielsen.  In place of the ‘shooting star’ FNM watermark, there is the Ravnica Guild watermark, in this case, Selesnya.

Magic: the Gathering - Guild Champions

• Dimir - Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker, a  Dimir vampire
• Azorious - Lavinia of the Tenth,  an Azorius lawmage

Magic : the Gathering - Teysa Then and Now

Teysa, Orzhov Scion (Guildpact Rare) gets the nod for a re-iteration in the next set, Dragon’s Maze.  Check out the new art for Teysa Envoy of Ghosts.  Image from CosPlayer Christine Sprankle (Twitter / Tumblr)

Magic: the Gathering - Dragon’s Maze Champions

From WotC FB page -
• Rakdos - Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch
• Izzet - Melek, Izzet Paragon
• Boros - Tajic, Blade of the Legion


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