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Dragon's Maze Speculation

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Although the last set, Dragon's Maze in the Return to Ravnica block is not due to be released until May 3, 2013, this does not prevent us from speculating about it - especially given the small hints provided in WotC staffer Doug Beyer's latest book 'Gatecrash: The Secretist, Part Two', for which we provided a brief synopsis in this post.

Looking thematically at the story-line, Ral Zarek (Izzet-aligned Planeswalker) is working with the Dragon Niv Mizzet on the 'Implicit Maze Project' is charged with finding all the guildgates which was originally used to delineate guild terriority.  These ancient guildgates are connected with braids of mana and by traveling from each of the guildgates in a precise order hinted at in code found on relics, some powerful gift (or weapon) would be provided. 

Rumour already suggests that there may be Guild Champions which logically may make sense as all ten Ravnica Guilds are represented in Dragon's Maze.  Also, there was an early (yet to be officially confirmed) spoiler which suggests a Mythic Rare land -
?, Mythic Rare
? enters the battlefield tapped.
Tap : Add 1 (colourless mana) to your mana pool.
3, Tap, Return ? to its owner's hand: Search your library for a Gate card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. If you control ten or more Gates with different names, you win the game.

This also makes sense given the storyline Beyer had provided.  Sooo - what this this suggest to us?  Nothing really at the moment other than we simply don't want to trade away any of our Return to Ravnica or Gatecrash Guildgates or the other spells in which guildgates matter such as :

Armory Guard - creature (vigilance if you control a gate)
Hold the Gates - Enchantment (+0/+1 for each gate)

Way of the Thief - aura (+2/+2 unblockable if you control a gate)

Ogre Jailbreaker - creature (loses defender if you control a gate)

Crackling Perimeter - enchantment (tap untapped gate for ping)

Gatecreeper Vine - creature (eotb tutor basic land or gate)
Greenside Watcher - creature (untap target gate)

In fact, we'll make sure to pick up some extra copies from MTG Mint Card just in case.  If there is to be a new casual (non-competitive) deck come May 2013 to take advantage of the new mythic rare land and perhaps Gatecreeper Vine to search for all those gates, just like Ral, Jace and Niv Mizzet in the book.


ric_man said...

Around the speculation for the Mythic Rare land, I hope it's not what you and the rest of the internet are speculating. Otherwise, we will have another useless Mythic Rare card for the current environment, but may become better in the next few sets.

The only place I think it would work is in a 5 colour EDH deck, and not many people play them.

I am hoping WOTC do not screw it up by making the win condition "10 or more Gates". They should use Mythic Rare slots for truly interesting, and game changing cards.

My opinion only...

Anonymous said...

The mythic Land would be in the land sheet, similar to time shifted and double faced cards. So it wouldn't take up a spot in the main set.