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Duel Desks - Sorin vs Tibalt

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

It is certainly a happy Friday indeed, as 'Sorin vs. Tibalt', the newest Duel Decks from Wizards of the Coast finally hit local games store shelves today.  If you are new to the game, Duel Decks were first printed in 2007 (Elves vs. Goblins) and feature two 60-card pre-constructed theme decks.  The newest deck features the Planeswalkers  Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded.  Sorin heads up the black and white deck while Tibalt the black / red build, and very lucky for Friday Night Magic players, both these have not yet rotated out of standard constructed format. We picked up out copy at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario and will likely grab a few card singles latter from MTG Mint Card of the alt-art cards.
First - here's a video of the unboxing -

Sorin's deck has the extremely popular Lingering Souls in it's hard to get FNM promo art, as well as new Spectral Procession and Mortify art.  The rest of the cards are all about command and control.  Loads of sweet token producers or cards which benefit from tokens (like Twilight Drover or Field of Souls), or clamps down on your opponent with control cards (like Mesmeric Fiend or Gatekeeper of Malakir).

Tibalt's deck is all about the burn.  Amazing new card arts here are featured on Browbeat and Blightning.  Lavaborn Muse and the wildly popular Hellrider (currently in standard) are a host of creatures which coul knock your opponent's life total down without committing themselves to combat.  Other cards are brilliant together like Coal Stoker and Devli's Play to land some serious damage. 


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