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Top RTR Non-Rares

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,
As is customary here at MTG Realm, we pre-ordered a 4x Common and Uncommon Return to Ravnica set from MTG Mint Card and do a bit of show 'n' tell with you, the reader.  We like getting the set as you are guaranteed deck sets of all the cards you need and at a very reasonable price.

Anywhoos - we cracked open our devliery last night, which less than 48 hours earlier was at the MTG Mint Card lair in Hong Kong and then travelled at a mind-blowing speed to South Korea, Anchorage AK, Louisville KY, Mississauga, and finally to our doorstep in Barrie, Ontario.  The three of us sat down and after an hour or so took votes on the Top 5 Uncommon and Common cards based on performance at the PreRelease and potential to see play in the ever evolving standard constructed environment.

Here's a very brief video -


 - and here is the run-down if your mobile device does not want to run that vid or if your school / workplace has YouTube on the other side of the corporate firewall . . .

Top 5 RTR Uncommons :

• Rakdos Cackler  
• Slitherhead  
• Call of the Conclave  
• Selesnya Charm  
• Azorius Charm

Top 5 RTR Commons :

• Electrickery  
• Sundering Growth  
• Goblin Electromancer  
• Centaur Healer  
• Grisly Salvage

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