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RTR Event Deck Lists

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Yesterday, over on the mothersite, WotC Monty rolled out the Return to Ravnica Event Decklists.  If you are a new Magic: the Gathering player and do not know, Event Decks are designed for gamers who may have moved on from learning the basics with an Intro Pack and now want to get a build a bit more competetive. The concept of the Event Deck is that one can pick this up off the shelf at the local gaming store off the shelf and sit right down to a Friday Night Magic for standard constructed play.

The Return to Ravnica Event Decks are to be released on 26th October, and available for an MRSP of $25.  Each Event Deck contains a 60 card deck with a 15 card sideboard, a Spindown life counter and strategy guide. Each list is solid and easily adaptable to customisation - just drop by MTG Mint Card to pick up extras of your fav new card.  Personally, without having played any games with either of these, we think that the Golgari build is far superior.  Anywhoos - Let's have a look what to expect when we open one up - the rare cards are denoted with a '*'.


Golgari: Creep and Conquer (black / green)

24 lands : 4  Evolving Wilds, 8  Forest, 3  Golgari Guildgate, 1  Grim Backwoods*, 7  Swamp, 1  Woodland Cemetery*

27 creatures : 2  Daggerdrome Imp, 3  Dawntreader Elk, 1  Deadbridge Goliath*, 1  Disciple of Bolas*, 2  Dreg Mangler, 4  Drudge Beetle, 1  Druid's Familiar, 3  Korozda Guildmage, 2  Slitherhead, 2  Trusted Forcemage, 1  Ulvenwald Tracker*, 4  Vampire Nighthawk, 1  Wolfir Silverheart*

9 other spells : 2  Golgari Charm, 4  Tragic Slip, 1  Ultimate Price, 2  Victim of Night

15 sideboard cards : 3  Bramblecrush, 2  Duress, 2  Ghost Quarter, 4  Strangleroot Geist, 1  Thragtusk*, 3  Vile Rebirth

Rakdos: Wrack and Rage (red / black)

24 lands : 1  Dragonskull Summit*, 13  Mountain, 2  Rakdos Guildgate, 8  Swamp

22 creatures : 2  Hellhole Flailer, 3  Knight of Infamy, 2  Lightning Mauler, 4  Rakdos Cackler, 4  Rakdos Shred-Freak, 3  Rix Maadi Guildmage, 2  Stonewright, 2  Stromkirk Noble*

14 other spells : 2  Brimstone Volley, 1  Devil's Play*, 1  Mizzium Mortars*, 1  Nightbird's Clutches, 4  Pillar of Flame, 1  Rakdos Charm, 4  Searing Spear


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