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Selesnya Surge

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

This weekend is Return to Ravnica Game Day. We'll head down to OMG! Games here in Central Ontario to Friday Night Magic to take our standard constructed builds for a test run and then sling cards on Saturday.

Today's post is a bit of catchup for us.  As is tradition here at MTG Realm, we capture an Intro Pack from the latest set, do a video dissection for you and then provide a derpy review.  Well, here it is - let's have a look at Return to Ravnica's G/W 'Selesnya Surge' Intro Pack . . .

After about 3 games, we felt that the list is decent for an Intro Pack.  First changes we would make to personalise this is to provide additional focus on the goal of making loads of happy tokens.  We suggest dropping some spells to make room for some more mana dorks like Arbor Elf and Avacyn's Pilgrim to get to quicker to those Call of the Conclave and Centaur Healers.  Where you take it from there is up to you but we think this will deliver big fun to the novice player.

With a MRSP of $15, you get
•  1 premium card,
•  1 60-card deck,
•  2 Return to Ravnica booster packs,
•  1 learn-to-play insert,
•  1 strategy insert

Selesnya Surge - g/w

Grove of the Guardian. The Selesnya Conclave relentlessly seeks to grow its ranks—both outward and upward. Use the populate ability to multiply your largest token creatures, then go forth and spread the good word. Grow big or go home! 

25 lands : 12  Forest, 1  Grove of the Guardian*, 11  Plains, 1  Selesnya Guildgate

17 creatures : 1  Arbor Elf, 1  Axebane Stag, 1  Brushstrider, 3  Centaur Courser, 1  Centaur Healer, 2  Centaur’s Herald, 1  Healer of the Pride, 1  Phantom General, 1  Risen Sanctuary, 3  Seller of Songbirds, 1  Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage, 1  Wayfaring Temple*

18 other spells : 2  Bountiful Harvest, 2  Call of the Conclave, 2  Chorus of Might, 1  Coursers’ Accord, 1  Druid’s Deliverance, 2  Eyes in the Skies, 1  Heroes’ Reunion, 1  Rootborn Defenses, 2  Savage Surge, 2  Selesnya Keyrune, 2  Trostani’s Judgment


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Anonymous said...

So I bought this and I'm confused at how I use creature tokens. I don't have any creature token cards, and I would rather not buy them all individually, so what do I use to show the creature tokens on the battlefield?