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Random Bulk Lots

Good Day folks,
We want to yatter to you today about the deals to be made from some online retailers.

We first started thinking about ordering sets or lots of cards - both random and organised sets after corresponding to our good buddy over at Casual Magic. We were a bit tentative about this but thought that this route may have some benefits over purchasing packs or boxes of booster packs. We had also read some good and poor reviews of this . . . well, this is ours.

There are 249 cards in Rise of the Eldrazi. More speficially, there are Mythic Rare, 53 rare, 60 uncommon, 101 common, and 20 basic lands. As we wanted to cherry-pick our rares after the release of RoE, we thought about pre-ordering a bulk random lot of RoE uncommons to obtain a near-instant collection of the latest 'n' greatest set. To this end we went to Troll and Toad and purchased 3 (three) X 50 Random Rise of the Eldrazi Uncommons - that's a total of 150 cards for $1.99 each (now $2.49 at time of post).

Here's the video dissection . . .

We rounded out our collection of the new set very nicely. We also actually received 157 cards - instead of the 150 - yeah(!) T'n'T get bonus points for the seven extra cards they had slipped into our order. We're not sure where you live but up here in the great white north, one can expect two things - polar bears knocking over garbage cans and expensive magic cards. Single uncommons usually run around $1 each and more if they are rather good cards. Having puchased a bulk random lot essentially saved us close to $120 for 150 cards after factoring in shipping up here - a very decent deal.

These are a random bulk purchase so expect random - multiples of one card and none of others - even with three lots purchased. Absent cards of note - Soulbound Guardians, Time of Heroes, Wall of Omens (!), Inquisition of Kozilek , Jaddi Lifestrider, Joraga Treespeaker, Pelakka Wurm, Enatu Golem, and Skittering Invasion. If you really want to get a hold of a specific card in a random lot, just simply purchase the single and don't hope you will get what you want.

Here are the details of what we received in three 50-card uncommon lots.

Count Name
3 Affa Guard Hound White
1 Emerge Unscathed White
2 Kabira Vindicator White
4 Luminous Wake White
4 Mammoth Umbra White
4 Oust White
0 Soulbound Guardians White
3 Survival Cache White
0 Time of Heroes White
0 Wall of Omens White
4 Crab Umbra Blue
2 Domestication Blue
2 Drake Umbra Blue
1 Enclave Cryptologist Blue
2 Guard Gomazoa Blue
2 Hada Spy Patrol Blue
3 Merfolk Skyscout Blue
3 Phantasmal Abomination Blue
1 Reality Spasm Blue
5 Unified Will Blue
3 Arrogant Bloodlord Black
2 Corpsehatch Black
2 Curse of Wizardry Black
7 Escaped Null Black
0 Inquisition of Kozilek Black
5 Nirkana Cutthroat Black
4 Pawn of Ulamog Black
2 Skeletal Wurm Black
2 Suffer the Past Black
4 Virulent Swipe Black
1 Akoum Boulderfoot Red
7 Brimstone Mage Red
5 Explosive Revelation Red
4 Forked Bolt Red
4 Lust for War Red
5 Rapacious One Red
3 Soulsurge Elemental Red
4 Surreal Memoir Red
2 Traitorous Instinct Red
3 Valakut Fireboar Red
2 Beastbreaker of Bala Ged Green
5 Boar Umbra Green
2 Bramblesnap Green
4 Broodwarden Green
2 Gravity Well Green
4 Irresistible Prey Green
0 Jaddi Lifestrider Green
0 Joraga Treespeaker Green
0 Pelakka Wurm Green
3 Prey's Vengeance Green
2 Artisan of Kozilek
1 Dreamstone Hedron
0 Enatu Golem
4 Not of This World
2 Ogre's Cleaver
1 Pathrazer of Ulamog
3 Pennon Blade
3 Runed Servitor
0 Skittering Invasion
4 Warmonger's Chariot

Summary - this is a decent deal - make tracks now. These guys had fast shipping and were the first to get to my door. There was a small issue with a customs brokerage fee as it had come across the border but it was put to bed by the great folks at Troll and Toad in a efficient and effective manner.

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