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Needing Your Help

MTG Realm needs your help. (plz.)
We need help in two areas today > (1) we need a minion at PAX, and (2) we need your braaains to help us with a deck.


MTG Realm has been given a no-contact court order to stay away from WoTC employees, staff, or agents at PAX so we need you to be our minion at this event.

Actually we lied about the court-order thingy - we are just unable to cough up money for airfare to get our butts down to Seattle this weekend for the big Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), we are looking for any attendee willing to contribute stories, reports, and especially images from any Magic the Gathering related event to be posted here on the site.

Want to contribute to MTG Realm ? We are particularly interested in the "The Sights of Zendikar" event to be held this Saturday (from 7-9 pm) at the Trinity Nightclub in downtown Seattle. As Wizards will be showing a ton of exclusive Zendikar spoiler cards and new art from this upcoming set, we need you to be able to report back to us.

As we cannot offer you anything of value other than being our hero for the day and being provided credit for your submission, please take solace that you will be getting free nibbly-wibblys at the Trinity party while you do our leg-work for us.


Now for some other help we need -

We appear to also need your serious assistance in tweaking this deck. Please tell us how you would fix it and why. Here is the deck list for our post-M10 mono-white soldiers.

3 x Cenn's Tactician
3 x Goldmeadow Harrier
3 x Path to Exile
4 x Militia's Pride
3 x Vetran Armorsmith
3 x Oblivion Ring
2 x Preeminent Captain
2 x Elspeth, Knight-Errant
4 x Rhox Pikemaster
4 x Armored Ascension
4 x Captain of the Watch
4 x Martial Coup

21 Lands

Help us Obi-Wan, you're our only hope . . .


Anonymous said...

Since your deck's goal is to be the beat-down, here are my thoughts.

Preeminent Captain is awesome. If you can get two more you should up that count to four and that way you can get Captain of the Watch out as early as turn four consistently.

Personally I'm not a big fan of Armored Ascension, Veteran Armorsmith, or Cenn's Tactician. What about Light from Within (or better yet Honor the Pure) to replace Armored Ascension. Also don't forget about Cloudgoat Ranger, this guy changes games and fits your theme pretty well. What about Goldmeadow Stalwart? You are already playing a lot of kithkin.

I would drop the O-Rings and Martial Coup. Too slow for you. Get four Paths to Exile and if you have honor the pure add as many as you can. I was thinking Austere Command might be an interesting board sweeper, but I really don't think you need it.

Finally I think you should add at least 2 Ajani Goldmane and Windbrisk Heights.

Happy Gaming.

Rasmus said...

I'm still fairly new to the game, but:

I would drop Cenn Tactician. It looks like a cool card at first, but it's really slow, and basicly you want your guys to come out swinging!

Ditto with Goldmeadow.

I've been playing around and having a lot of fun with a soldier deck lately, and I'm running these creatures:

4x Elite Vanguard. 2/1 for 1 mana is sweet!
4x Veteran Armorsmith
4x Veteran Swordsmith
4x Ballyrush Banneret
4x Preeminent Captain
3x Rhox Pikemaster
4x Captain of the Guard

I've only used it in casual games, but my initial experience is that it is FAST!

I like the smiths because they're good cards for the mana price even before you consider their bonus.

I've filled the rest of the deck with some removal spells, Armored Ascension (whoever you enchant will be hitting for 8 or 9 by the time you get it out), and some honor of the pure.

Preeminent Capt + Captain of the Watch is an awesome combo, but even if I don't draw a CotW, the deck is still really fast.

EggytheGreen said...

I kinda would prefer veteran swordsmiths over armorsmiths in your deck(if you only have one or the other), especially since you're going with rhox pikemaster... I definitely agree that honor of the pure should be in for armored ascension... (my own soldier deck is quite "cheap" so I like using ballyrush banneret and surge of thoughtweft)

buh-roken said...

I agree with casualmagic. Your deck build wants to be beat-down.

Preeminent Captain should definitely be a 4of and so should Path to Exile. Dropping in a Rhox Pikemaster or a Captain of the Watch can be game changing.

I would want to remove the Cenn's Tactician, Armored Ascention, Veteran Armorsmith, Martial Coup, and Goldmeadow Harrier. In their place, how about Elite Vanguard, Honor of the Pure, Mark of Asylum.

Also Windbrisk Heights looks good too.

If I I had the cards, this is the decklist I would run:

3 Cenn's Hier
4 Elite Vanguard
4 Preeminent Captain
3 Hearthfire Hobgoblin
4 Captain of the Watch
4 Rhox Pikemaster

Other Spells:
2 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
2 Mark of Asylum
4 Path to Exile
4 Honor of the Pure
4 Militias Pride

4 Windbrisk Heights
18 Plains

Go and let the face smash be your ally.

Spade said...

1st thing - more lands (white agro deck, like 23-24 mabe including those hide-away lands)
2nd thing - less Cenn tacticians (mabe none), no Rhox Pikemaster (it doesn't help you that much), more Elspeth (if you have more) and also Veteran armorsmith is not so good
3rd thing - dough Armored ascension could be a coup de grace in limited, in constructed it costs too much (4 mana is just too much) and it also needs a creature to be attached too. And oblivion ring is kind of costy as well (you could try 4 paths to exile and 2 rings)

You could also try Ajani Goldmane in token decks. Second ability owns. Anyway you must figure out where you are going with this deck. If you want it a mono white agro you don't need the fancy martial coups, they provide soldiers and destroy others only in turn 7. You want you enemy dead by then. Personally I think martial coup is a control deck spell.