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Labour Day Spoiler

First off - Happy Labour Day everyone (at least to everyone in North America on this date).

Secondly - I was only half-expecting week one of Zendikar previews to actually begin today. Instead, Wizards of the Coast surpassed my expectations and let loose a barrage of very cool new Magic the Gathering cards which I will pour over in detail tomorrow (as it is half-past midnight now and I will be needing some sleep soon).

Too the Zendiar spoilers ! !

Off the top - let's have a look at the fully spoiled Nissa Revane, Elf Planeswalker . .

Nissa Revane, 2
Planeswalker - Nissa, Mythic Rare
+1 : Search your library for a card named Nissa's Chosen and but it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.
+1 : You gain 2 life for each Elf you control.
-7 : Search your library for any number of Elf creature cards and put them onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

Did you just see 2 plus abilities - yep - and both are kick-butt. First one gives you a 2/3 beater which cycles back into your library only to be brought out again next turn if you so wish. Second ability has the potential for a lot of life gain should you run a heavy elf - critter deck. Finally, the third ability knocked my socks off - this is a game ender and will in all likelihood win you the game if Nissa lives long enough for this ability to resolve. There are about 17 Elf creatures in the Shards of Alara block and an estimated 9 Elf creatures expected in Zendikar - this new Planeswalker is going to be good.

Here is the remainder of the Zendikar spoilers hot off the press today . . .

Archmage Asension / Blood Tribute

Elemental Appeal / Guul Draz Specter

Ob Nixilis Demon / Roil Elemental

To top this off, we will cover off the remainder of those sooo very cool full art lands . . . If you have not yet pre-ordered your Zendikar Fat Pack (which comes with a pack of 40 of these awesome lands, get moving before they're sold out .


Anonymous said...

So Elemental Appeal is the possible 14/1 creature token.
Very interesting.
I like the idea of the 7/1 trample for 4 mana, but then I guess Ball Lightning would be more useful for that.
9 mana though? hm, I guess it could work for a good late game trample!

Dave said...

Thanks for the post. I love Labour Day :)

Phil said...

wow 14/1... crazy that a 1/1 first strike makes mincemeat of it...