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Zendikar Slow Cooker 2

Hey y'all, like the name on the post suggests (slow cooker), we have a bunch of Zendikar slow spoilers in various stages of undress . . . let's get to 'em . . .

First off, we now have the full Sorin Markov Planeswalker card, and it was not quite what we expected here at MTG Realm.

Sorin Markov, 3
Planeswalker - Sorin, Mythic Rare
+2 Sorin Markov deals 2 damage to target creature or player and you gain 2 life.
-3 Target Opponent's life total becomes 10.
-7 You control target player's next turn.

We really thought that the second ability would have held something quite different but we are still quite OK with it.

Next up, his excellency Evan Erwin over at the Magic Show released part two of Warren Instigator and so far, this card seems incredible.

Warren Instigator,
Creature - Goblin Beserker, Mythic Rare
Doubble Strike, ??

There is still a LOT of space left on the text portion to fill with kick-butt abilities. We personally are hoping for this dude to have haste. We're also hoping for some serious Landfall mechanic love here - hasty tokens please !

Next up is part two of Vampire Nighthawk from the very mobile Trick over at ManaNation. (Memo to Trick - vlogging and driving is an inherently dangerous activity - please be careful) :-)

Vampire Nighthawk, 1
Creature - Vampire Shaman, Uncommon

A flying dude with flying AND deathtouch (for 3)?! - Yes please - I don't really care if this guy is a 1/1 - this card not only equates to potential hits to your opponent's face but also provides removal.

Enfin, un ange légendaire mythique à partir de Magic Ville . . . check it out !

Iona, Shield of Emeria 6
Legendary Creature - Angel, Mythic Rare

Voici ce que je n'espère . . .6/6 vol, vigilance, à chaque fois qu'un terrain arrive en jeu sous votre contrôle les créatures blanches que vous contrôlez gagnent +1/+1 et la protection contre le noir jusqu'à la fin du tour - perhaps too much to ask for maybe (?)


Also - some interesting pieces of information from Star City goon Jeff Phillips who had kidnapped and interogated WoTC staffer Mark Purvis recently at GenCon Indy 2009.

* “In Zendikar, the land is dangerous and unpredictable.”
* “The people of Zendikar are all well-equipped."
* “Zendikar is the home world of the Kor. All previous appearances by them, they were abducted against their will.”
* The large, floating polyhedron-shaped objects are “hedrons, which are the remnants of an ancient civilization. Their purpose is unknown to the current inhabitants of Zendikar.”
* “Vampires are also native to Zendikar. They have a feel very reminiscent of Native Americans, with war paints and a very tribal feel.”
Sorin is not native to Zendikar.
* “Elves and Goblins are native to Zendikar, but they have an altered behavior. It’s a fresh twist.”
* “Rocktraps: they appear to be rocks, but are actually creatures.”
* “Lands are definitely atypical.”
* “Gravity is a bit off”
* "flying is a major sub theme"

Stay tuned for more MTG spoiler goodness . . .


chickot said...

Maybe that angel is like the new version of Reya Dawnbringer O:

Anonymous said...

for Iona, Shield of Emeria it looksa to be flying vigilance and landfall- when a land enters play under your control creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain protection from a color of your choice until end of turn
but just my guess

Byron said...

I heard and I really hope its true, that Iona, Shield of Emeria will be a 8/8 Angel for 9, not bad really, and will either make all white creatures you control indestructible or will make all Angels you control indestructible.

Just a rumor but seriously we need some angels get stuff cards. Dragons have it, elves have it, angles need it.

shadowist said...

4 heavens sake tidehallow strix cost 2 is a 2/1 deathtouch the vampire better be a 2/1 or better and the vampire is not even an artifact

Anonymous said...

ok so if its 1bb for a 1/1 flying deathtouch with that vampire from m10 that gives +2/+1 it fits the theme