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Zendikar Intro Packs

Earlier today on Magic Arcana, we were treated to yet another Zendikar spoiler . . . Zendikar Intro Packs !

Each Magic the Gathering intro pack contains a (pre-constructed) 41-card deck (including a rare foil) and a Zendikar booster. Since these are 'intro packs', they thoughtfully included a handy strategy guide.

Let's see 'em already . . .

Kor Armory :
Foil Rare : Armament Master,
(Creature, Kor Soldier)

Unstable Terrain : /
Foil Rare : Sphinx of Jwar Isle, 4
(Creature, Sphinx)

Rise of the Vampires :
Foil Rare : Malakir Bloodwitch, 3
(Creature, Vampire)

Pumped Up : /
Foil Rare : Hellkite Charger 4
(Creature, Dragon)

The Adventurers : /
Turntimber Ranger, 3
(Creature, Elf Warrior)

Given the recent speculation on the Zendikar mechanic 'Landfall', it may be a safe bet that one or more of the foil rares included in these Intro Packs will have said mechanic . . .

exampli gratia -
Extrapolating the art on Thorntimber Ranger, one can imagine a Landfall mechanic such as 'whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, put a green 2/2 wolf token creature into play'.

So very kewl . . . stay tuned for more spoiler goodness.

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dookieshed said...

For the love of god, the only two red cards revealed so far are SIX MANA! Why are they doing this!?!?